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Debt Problems Now Rising In The Bedroom

The constant pressure of debt is making men unable to perform in the bedroom, according to our research.

It was brought to our attention this week that the first commercial advertising Viagra was being aired, which led us to investigate Viagra usage in this country. We quickly became shocked by the numbers of men taking the drug when we delved into the subject and wanted to know why there seemed to be such a problem. So, we ran a survey.

The questionnaire was conducted by and highlighted that nearly 3.2 million men came away from the doctors with a prescription for either Viagra or another erectile dysfunction medication in the last 12 months. That is a rise of nearly a million men in 11 years. Quite astonishing.

The figure could highlight that many men are getting confident when it comes to speaking out about problems that they may have – which is to be congratulated and embraced – but on further questioning, many men said that money pressure was one of the biggest contributing factors to not being able to ‘concentrate’ in the bedroom department.

Of the 324 ‘viagra-using’ men that we roped into discussing the topic further, 34 per cent of them said that money worries were constantly playing on their mind meaning they couldn’t manage intimacy in the bedroom. A quarter of this figure said they actually physically struggled to get down to the nitty gritty, whilst the remaining number said they were completely disinterested in sex because they had too much on their minds such as problems at work and general stress.

Nationally, one in five men struggle with erectile dysfunction, according to leading health professionals. 

It is already public knowledge that the constant debt burden is affecting people’s health and wellbeing with many mental health charities saying that over half of the people that come to an appointment have some form of financial issue contributing to their current state, but it appears deeper problems are arising from money worries.

Whilst we are in agreement that it is a good thing that men are speaking out about their intimate problems and seeking help – we believe that it is probably the wrong message to be sending out that medication is the answer.

Just like people suffering mental health problems because of financial woes, these issues shouldn’t be managed through medication. The root cause needs addressing if people are ever going to truly get better.

Debt problems are massively on the rise and people need to get a check on their spending.

There is plenty of help available. Talking to friends and family who may be able to help out and lend money is always an option, and generally taking the time to monitor accounts and reign in spending wherever possible is a no brainer.

We knew debt problems were affecting more people than ever before, but we didn’t know just to what extent – until now.

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