Wednesday, 20 June 2018 09:04

Even when you're dead people still want to rip you off

We’re used to being ripped off. It appears everyone and their dog is out to get us. Whether it be energy companies, banks and their mortgage ‘offers’, supermarkets and their food prices, or just the good old taxman – everyone wants a slice of your fortune.

And according to news brought to our attention this week, it doesn’t get any easier when you die either.

Some consumer groups have raised queries regarding ‘unnecessary fees’ being added once a person is literally dead and buried.

Let’s explain.

Some people are super organised when it comes to budgeting and finances and as people get older they start to prepare for life after they have gone. They look into how much their own funeral will cost and will either put money away for when this scenario occurs, or will pre-pay their funeral costs in advance. Both options are done in order to ease the financial burden on the family with regards funeral expenses, as we all know it is a costly time.

But now reports have come to light that suggest that families of people who have died and thought that the funeral and all its costings were over, are now facing extra fees that weren’t discussed or expected at the time of funeral preparation.

According to the Competition and Markets Authority, (which is the body which will investigate the claims made), funeral costs already stand at nearly £4,000. That figure is extortionate as it is, without people having the fear that the funeral directors will come for more ‘fees’ months after the funeral took place.

This serves to highlight that it is not only important that people have thousands saved up for their death, but also know exactly what is included in the price.

There is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to funerals. People think that because they are paying thousands, that automatically means that they will get all the services on offer. That is a myth. There are ‘add ons’ that people need to be aware of and it is wise to know what these extras are so that family and friends are not lumbered with the costs once you’ve gone.

We can appreciate that it isn’t a great subject to sort or talk about, but if it isn’t looked into with a fine-tooth comb then it will prove costly to everyone in the family.

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