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How Easily Can You Find a Job?

Have you noticed how some people seem to fall into jobs, no matter what the economy is doing? Conversely, some people always struggle to find work, and they’re always complaining about how hard it is, and how few jobs there are to go around.

You probably recognise both these situations, and no doubt there are people close to you, or those you know of in your local area, who fit into both groups. But why is it some people find work easily, while others never do?

It starts with the CV

Some people rarely look at their CV once they have created it. They make lots of copies and send it out to apply for all kinds of different jobs.

But while a CV is an important document, it’s not a static one. Look at it as a living document and you’ll realise it can – and should – be changed every time you apply for a new position.

Why? Because the jobs you are applying for are not carbon copies of each other. So, if you send the exact same CV to each one when you apply, you’re reducing the odds it will even be looked at.

How to tweak your CV to improve your chances

Whenever you get a job description, think about how you can adjust the information in your CV so it applies to that description. I’m not saying you should lie – far from it. Instead, you need to present your experience so it matches the job description given.

Let’s say you apply for an office job, and they say they want a self-starter, someone who works well on their own and gets the job done with set deadlines. You’ve worked on a shop floor before, which doesn’t seem related to office work at all. But you probably developed into a self-starter while you were there, doing things without being asked, and making sure customers were served quickly and efficiently. So, you present your skills and experience to demonstrate you could use them in the office environment as well.

Spending time on your application

Most job openings get dozens, if not hundreds, of applicants. You need to stand out. If you send a standard CV, chances are you won’t stand out or get past the first read-through of the CVs sent in. It’s quality, not quantity, that counts. Applying for dozens of jobs won’t bring success if you send the same application to each one. But if you focus on applying for each individual job, the odds will tip in your favour.

I'm not saying you will be offered every job you apply for. But I am saying the ones who always seem to find work put more effort into every application they make. And it shows. Focus on skills as well as experience, and tailor each application. If you do, you might end up getting the job you want, rather than constantly being knocked back, or not even finding out whether they were interested at all.

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