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How to Get Cashback on Everything You Buy Online

How many times do you buy things online? Most of us make at least some purchases online from time to time, and for some, this is the only way – the best way – to shop.

But if you’re not getting cashback on your purchases, you’re missing a trick. There are several notable cashback sites online today. Topcashback is one of the best, and Quidco comes in a close second. Joining just one of these could mean you can earn back hundreds of pounds a year just by taking a couple of extra steps whenever you go shopping online.

How do you get your cashback?

The idea is these sites earn an income by sending customers to the businesses that are available to earn cashback with. Let’s say, for example, you want to make a purchase from Widgets and Co, which just so happens to have a deal with the cashback site you’re using. Instead of going directly to the Widgets site, you go through the cashback site. Log in, find the company you want to shop with, and click through the link to the site. This means your visit is tracked, and anything you buy is registered.

Once your purchase is made, you should find it has been recorded and will bring you a cashback reward in a short time. You usually need to wait a while before the cashback is confirmed, but it should show in your account quite quickly.

Once you reach a threshold set by the cashback site, you can withdraw your cash. Some sites give you a better deal for converting your cashback into vouchers, so watch out for that – but make sure they are vouchers you will use.

Use it regularly and watch the earnings mount up

It can take a while to get into the habit of remembering to go through the cashback site whenever you buy online. I sometimes forget, but I’m getting better at remembering to do it. Not all merchants are on the cashback sites, but plenty are, and you can sometimes get good deals if you’re shopping around for insurance policies, too. For example, just getting a quote can get you cashback at times, and if you take out the policy you might get a large amount back, like £25 or £50, for example. It depends on the current offers.

But do make sure you remember the price you’re paying. Always look at the cost of the item or service you are buying first, rather than the cashback you’d receive. Getting the best overall deal is most important, and that should remain at the forefront of your mind.

One final tip – find out what the threshold is for making a cashback withdrawal from your account. Once you hit that threshold, request the cash. It is easy to let it mount up, but if anything happens, the money could be lost. Getting your hands on it quickly is the best bet, and will ensure you get the most out of your account in every sense.

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