Thursday, 17 October 2019 15:14

People predict better financial situation

As the Brexit debacle rages on, you’d assume people would be taking precautions and making provisions to protect their financial future. Think again.

Since the day the result was announced that the people of the UK had voted to leave the European Union, it has been a very tense time and many people have been concerned and apprehensive as to what the future would have in store. But when it comes to money, it appears that the majority of people believe their finances will be healthier when we sever all ties with the EU.

According to a recent survey, almost 61 per cent of people say that they think their personal financial situation will either stay the same or improve when Britain leaves the bloc.

In all honesty, we were shocked by this. We thought that well over three quarters of people would be concerned about their money, and whether or not it would impact bills, but this quite clearly isn’t the case. Confidence is actually high.

This is also evident in the fact that 57 per cent of people say that they are not putting any money away in the form of protection should an exit from the EU prove to be difficult and toxic.

John McNeil, a retired postman said: “I think people just want to leave now. They’re not bothered whether they take a (financial) hit or not to be honest because people are just bored of it. I think that’s why it appears confidence is high. If you would’ve asked me and many others the same question the day after the result was announced, the response probably would have been one of worry, but now because it’s gone on for so long everyone’s like ’yeah, just leave, we’ll be fine’.”

As we hopefully come towards the Brexit finish line. People will be able to focus on their own financial healt, so long as we leave this week.

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