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Got yourself in a bit of a pickle?

First thing to do is to not panic. It can happen to anyone, so there is no need to get upset. By coming to this page and seeking help, you are already showing that you want to resolve the situation and that is the main thing lenders are looking for. 

Below is some real advice from lenders, it is well worth a read. If you feel you want more advice or your problems are more serious, click the button and deal with one of the UK's leading debt charities.

Advice When Asking For Help From Lenders

We fully appreciate that things don’t always go as planned when people borrow money. The new rules state that borrowers shouldn’t feel pressured if they find themselves in unexpected financial hardship.

There is a myth that it was in a lenders interest to push borrowers over the edge when they couldn’t make repayments. This was mostly pushed by left wing media outlets like the BBC, it didn’t happen in anything like the numbers it is claimed. This is because it wasn’t in the lenders interest to hurt their borrowers.

The lenders who are still in business know that for them to get the most money back, they must work with borrowers. This is not because of regulation, but because if they don’t, borrowers will just stop communicating with them.

There are of course disingenuous borrowers who have no intentions of ever making repayments and lenders will always pursue these individuals. Lenders must make judgements as to which category borrowers with problems fall into. This is often where the bad press comes from, sometimes they get it wrong. It is a fine line they must tread.

One good way to convince a lender that you are genuine, and you want to make repayments as soon as possible is to keep in contact. Lenders will also work with borrowers and make allowances for them when people talk to them.

Secondly, don’t over promise to make repayments that you can’t. We hear from a lot of borrowers on the phone who want to please their lenders by promising to make repayments but only later to not be able to. Eventually lenders will stop working with these types of people. Only promise what you can, a lender will respect that much more. If a phone agent (from any lender) is not listening to the borrower and always pushing for more, then they aren’t a good agent and the borrower should always stay firm in what they are offering if they feel it is reasonable.

These are two key fundamental points that you should discuss with your lender if you are having issues. Easy Loans will not work with lenders who are bullying their (our) customers. If we have arranged a loan for you, and that lender is being over bearing then we would like to know about it. Please let us know via out contact us page.

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