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Welcome to Easy Loans

We have some interesting new features that makes getting a loan one of the easiest processes anywhere in the UK.

Did you know that every time you applied for a loan it affects your credit file. So the more times you apply for a loan, the less chance you have of being successful.

So a loan that you may have got if you applied earlier in the process will now turn you down because you have applied to other lenders.

We'll how about if you did one credit check and got close to 40 decisions, that would make the loan process so much easier and less damaging to your credit file. That is exactly what Easy Loans can offer, one credit check and multiple decisions.

Your chances of getting a loan are so much greater with us than almost all the other lending sites in the UK. This service is absolutley free to use to applicants and at no time do we ask for your card details. 

We pride ourselves on getting you accepted and a loan offer, it is up to you if you take it or not. But at least it is your decision, offers and charges will reflect your credit status and you do not have to take the offer given to you. Prices and repayments will be made clear before a borrower clicks accept, we encourage borrows to read them carefully.

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It's Easier than You thought

There would be no point calling this site easy Loans if we couldn't get you a loan where others would fail. Our system of lending is different from most other single lender sites on the web. Of course it is all free of charge to the applicant, we never charge or ask for card details.