Easy Loans - Unsecured Loans Up To £5,000.

We are direct lenders - no admin fees, free application and acceptance

As our name suggests, the whole point of this website is to make things really Easy! Everything from the application form, getting a fast decision - all the way through to you receiving your money and making the repayments. There are no hidden charges on this website and no upfront payments for anything - what could be easier?

Individually Tailored Rates

Money Sent in 15 Minutes

Decision in Under 1 Minute

Not Just For Bad Credit

Our brand may suggest that we just help those with a poor credit history - this is far from the truth. We welcome applications and help those with less than perfect financial pasts and we also offer competitive rates for prime applicants.

We make our own lending decisions and our application process allows us to get an insight into the risk that each borrower presents when we decide what rate of interest to charge. We will then make a real offer to you - including amounts and rates - and you are free to accept or reject it at any time.

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