There will be no circumstances that we will ask you for payment before giving you a loan. If you ever have a reason to believe that we are asking for upfront payments, it won't be us that you are dealing with.

Over the last ten years, we have become aware that there are groups of people (usually India based) who cold-call people in the UK. They use internet-based phone numbers to give off the appearance that they are based here, but they are not.

They will try to convince victims that they are calling on behalf of a UK lender. They will inform the victim that they have been approved for a loan, but they will have to pay some sort of fee before the money is released.

Common Reasons Scammers Ask For Payment


First Payment Upfront

Scammers will ask for the first payment to be made upfront. They claim they will do this to make sure you are who you are. They claim that this will prove that the money they are sending the loan to, is your bank account.

Insurance Fee

Another common reason they cite is that you will need to pay some kind of insurance fee. We have heard of many reasons for the insurance fee but they are all fantasy.

No Guarantor Fee

One of their other claims is that they will send you the loan free if you have a guarantor, but if you don't have a guarantor, you will need to pay a fee. There is of course no loan, whether you have a guarantor or not. They know that nobody has a guarantor. Unfortunately this is the most common one that we hear of them using, so it most be their most successful.

They Won't Stop

No matter how much money you pay them, they won't hand over any money. Instead, what we know about them is that they will continue to harass you into handing over more and more money for ever changing reasons.

The one that most people fall for, the final fee is something called a "refund fee". Please don't fall for it, whatever you have paid them is lost. There is no point adding to the total further.

We understand you might be desperate, but don't pay them or anyone else asking for a fee. There is not one legitimate site or business in the UK that you need to pay a fee to before you get a loan.