No Fees - Zero Charges

We can't stress this enough. We do not and never have charged fees. The first money that you send a lender, should be your first repayment in one month's time.

We will never ask you to pay any fees upfront

Girl - No Fees

No Legitimate UK Lender Will Ask For Upfront Payments

Lenders are desperate to lend to borrowers. They will not put borrowers off by charging upfront. That's all you need to know about upfront fees.

Important Scam Warning

There will be no circumstances that we will ask you for payment before giving you a loan. If you ever have a reason to believe that we are asking for upfront payments, it won't be Easy Loans that you are dealing with.

Over the last ten years, we have become aware that there are groups of people (usually India based) who cold-call people in the UK. They use internet-based phone numbers to give off the appearance that they are based here, but they are not.

They will try to convince victims that they are calling on behalf of a UK lender. They will inform the victim that they have been approved for a loan, but they will have to pay some sort of fee before the money is released.

How To Spot a Loan Fee Scam


Unsolicited Call or Email

The first significant scam indicator is that the so-called lender will contact victims out of the blue. Some people are more likely to fall for this scam because the scammers will usually contact them after the person has applied for loans.

We have never worked out how, but scammers know that their victims have recently been applying for the loans. They know how much the victim has been trying to borrow, they know their name and contact details.


Indian Accents

99.9% of fee scammers are Indian. We know of several call centres in India that do nothing else apart from running the loan fee scam. Unsolicited call or email + Indian accent = hang up immediately.

You wouldn't send fees to Nigeria if they were cold calling you; don't do it to India. India is by far the world's most important centre of financial fraud. Much more active than Nigeria. In fact, our advice is to avoid businesses that have Indian Call Centres.

Do not be fooled when scammers use a UK phone number. These are internet phone numbers, they are bought for as little as £3 a month. It makes someone in Delhi appear that they are calling from Birmingham.


Unusual Payment Method

If none of the above two issues has convinced you that you are dealing with a scammer, you have one final opportunity to avoid losing your money. Scammers aren't allowed to take Visa or Mastercard for payment. We have heard of the odd occasion where they accept Bank Transfer, but this is rare. Instead, they will ask you to send them Amazon or iTune Vouchers.

Please, if you are still considering sending them money, just stop and at this point, have a quiet word with yourself. We realise that you may be desperate for a loan, but you will make your situation far worse if you send to these people what little money you have left.

We have seen hundreds of victims each month. Over the last 12 years, not one has ever got a penny back.