Terms and Conditions

We aim to write this set of Terms and Conditions in an as straightforward manner as it is possible. We appreciate that most of our customers will not be legally trained

What you are agreeing to when using Easy Loans

Involved Parties

We (us, our, the broker, QuickLoans.co.uk) - Quick Loans Ltd trading as Easy Loans, 12 Churchfield Court, Barnsley, S70 2JT.

You (borrower, applicant, user)

Lender (Direct Lender, main lender)

These terms and conditions will form the agreement between these three parties (We, You, Direct Lender)

Easy Loans is a trading name of Quick Loans Ltd, a non-lending intermediary that acts as a credit matching platform between applicants and direct lenders. Quick Loans Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the permissions number 763132.

Aim of the site

The goal of the Easy Loans site is to facilitate offers of credit being made to applicants from a panel of direct lenders. There will be no charge to the applicant for this service.

The way that this site does this is to approach lenders with details of the applicant. Lenders will respond with an accepted or declined response.

The order in which we approach lenders is dependant on the individual applicant, how much they would like to borrow, the duration they would like the loan to last.

We may receive a commission for placing the applicant with the lender. This will not in any way influence the order in which we approach lenders.

Third Parties

Easy Loans will pass on details supplied by the applicant in the application form to the panel of lenders. We will do this electronically.

Lenders may store this information in order for them to review and process the application for credit.

Lenders may share the data with third parties, including Credit Reference Agencies.

Lenders may hold data for them to create accounts for successful applicants.

Lenders may use this information to search credit agencies and fraud prevention registers to assess the application. This may leave a record of the search.

More details about the way we and third parties handle your data can be found here in our privacy policy. Easy Loans will not continue to hold your data after you have made the application. Any data we have will be destroyed. We will not at any point send marketing information to previous customers.

Applicants who are approved

Applicants who have had their application approved will be forwarded to that lender's website where the loan process will be completed. An offer will be made to the applicant. If the borrower chooses to proceed beyond this point, the terms and conditions of the lender will supersede that of Easy Loans.

Easy Loans will step back from the ongoing agreement and take no further part in any contracts or offers between the lender and the borrower.

Applicants who are declined

Applicants who have had their application for credit declined will receive an instant online message that their application will not proceed further.

Easy Loans will not have information as to the reasons why the application was not successful but will provide information on how to contact credit reference agencies so that customers may investigate any potential issues themselves.

Easy Loans will not contact the applicants again unless requested by the individual. We do not hold a marketing list and any customer data we hold on our servers will be destroyed.

General Terms

You must confirm that the information you provide us is accurate and that you know of no reason why the financial information you have provided to us would likely change throughout the term of the loan.

Failing to give us accurate information may end in:
1) You obtaining a loan that you can not repay
2) Your application being rejected for fraud
3) Your details being noted by anti-fraud prevention registers.

Easy Loans makes no promises to the probability of the applicant's application being successful. If we are unable to source an offer from a lender, the applicant will receive an instant online and email notification that we were unable to find a lender for them on this occasion and that their application was declined.

Easy Loans accepts no responsibility for being unable to source a successful offer of credit facilities.


This website is based in the United Kingdom. These terms and conditions are operated under the governance of the laws in England and Wales.

These T&C's were last updated on the 1st of December 2019. We reserve the right to update them in the future without notice.