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Energy Price Time Bomb

Energy Price Time Bomb

No matter your personal and financial circumstances, it’s hard not to be concerned about the sky rocketing cost of energy in the UK at the moment. 

Council Tax

Council's - Could They Go Private in The Future?

Today we wanted to explore the possibility of bankrupt local Council's being moved from public control over to being privately run.

Transaction Completed

Skimming Your Bank Account: You Should Do It

Hang on – what does that mean? It sounds like a scam, and we could all do with a lot less of those. But Skimming your bank account is actually a good idea.

Skimming your bank account is something all of us can do – and when you find out more about it, you’ll realise it’s something you should do, too.

Doorstep person

Provident Financial Ends Doorstep Credit

This week the Financial Communist Authority managed to kill off 2100 jobs, and an active financial service had been in business since 1880.

Unemployment Queue

Here Comes the Unemployment

Unemployment in the UK hit 5.4% this week, an ominous sign of what is about to hit our economy is facing. Warnings of further rises on their way.

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