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Eviction Notice

The Great Eviction Is Almost Here

24% of private tenants are now behind on their rent by at least one month. Soon the Great Eviction process will start, and we will all feel the fallout.

Town Hall

Council Tax Will Rise By 8% in 2021-22

Councils have been told that they should look locally and not to central Government for help in balancing the 2021 books. Instead, they will need to increase Council Tax by up to 8%.

Credit Limit Cut

Credit Card Limits Being Slashed Due To Covid-19

There are few people who have gotten this far into the pandemic without feeling its financial implications. As COVID-19 has swept around the world, many people in the UK are struggling to make ends meet through furloughs, job losses and economic uncertainty.

Boss Shouting

Bosses Won't Rehire Full Workforce After Lockdown

In a blow to UK employment, 58% of UK SME bosses say that they will not rehire all of their furloughed staff after restrictions end.

UK Economic Decline

CoronaVirus - UK Economy Will Shrink By 15%

The UK Government claims that the economy will grow in 2020 despite the CoronaVirus outbreak. Our figures show the economy will contract by 15%.

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