About Easy Loans

We started the business back in June of 2011, since then we have grown and become part of a bigger group of lending websites (Quick Loans Ltd).

How We Built Our Lending Brand

The Birth Of Our Brand

Despite the industry going through testing times with new regulations and virtue signaling MP's, we've continued to grow each of the last 7 years. 

It might be worth stating straight away that we are NOT part of the Easy Group of companies of which Stelios operates, thankfully. In Early 2017, we successfully defended the bullying Stelios's legal attempts to hijack our Easy Loans brand. For some reason, he thinks that we are happy for our customers to continue to believe that we are associated with him and his companies. Quite the opposite, we want everyone to know that we are nothing to do with him. His brand doesn't have the best reputation anyway.

The "Easy" in our name reflects the ease at which people can get accepted and paid out. No paperwork and working with lenders who have practice understanding lending criteria. We don't work with lenders that operate a "computer say's no" attitude.

Easy Loans Call Centre Girl

Our Background

The business behind this site first started in lending around 2009, just after the previous crash. With demand for credit high, customers were easy to come by but lenders willing to offer credit wasn't. 

We picked up the domain name EasyLoans.co.uk in 2011 and have been operating it ever since. We became incorporated as Quick Loans in 2017 as regulation changed from the Office of Fair Trading to the Financial Conduct Authority and our previous permission to lend expired.

Easy Loans is a trading name of Quick Loans Ltd. Registered in England and Wales with the company number 09619094.


Our company was never involved in the misselling of PPI. We knew early on that this product was something that didn't fit right. Luckily, we had the good sense and good governance not to sell it with any of our products, it's one the reasons we are still in business.

We want to treat our customers like adults. We don't subscribe to this nanny state way of thinking that says the Government which is currently £1.6 trillion pounds in debt knows how to run the finances of individuals better than they do. 

We will continue to give people as many borrowing options as possible. So long as the costs are Cleary displayed, responsible lending takes place by lenders. We continue to believe that the borrower is best placed to know if they should complete the loan or not.
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